Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wild Cards Movie

It gives me great pleasure to be able to talk publicly about some news that's been secret for a few months now. Wild Cards - George RR Martin's collaborative novel series of mutants and superheroes - has a movie deal.

To quote The Hollywood Reporter: "Syfy Films, the theatrical division created in December 2010 as a joint venture between Syfy and Universal Pictures, has acquired the screen rights to Wild Cards, a superhero anthology edited, co-created and co-written by Martin."

There will be many details to come. Right now I'd just mention a couple things. Just to be clear, Syfy Films is not the arm of the channel that's been making rather dodgy tv movies. It's a new project, with Universal, that's out to develop a major superhero franchise - and they've chosen Wild Cards.

There are going to be tons of decisions to make about what stories they're going to tell, considering the large cast of characters that have twenty-some volumes of adventures behind them. It's quite possible, though, that they'll choose to start with characters from some of the more recent books. Since I've been writing for those, I'm more than a little excited. Maybe, just maybe, one of my mutant creations will get on the big screen! If so, I've negotiated a fee of $40 with my son, Sage. That's his bonus for being instrumental in the creation of my main character, Infamous Black Tongue. (No, he didn't have an agent representing him...)

HERE's the full article at The Hollywood Reporter. 

HERE's one at Cinema Blend.

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