Monday, October 01, 2007

The SF Site Featured Review

It's been over three months since Acacia was published, which means that the review attention has slowed down considerably. It's generally a short window to get these sort of mentions, but I'm finding the Sci Fi/Fantasy world has a different calendar than that of literary fiction. Things can play out over time. I'm glad for that, and very pleased by a new review just up at the SF Site.

Greg L Johnson is the reviewer, and a great job he does at it. Among other things, he writes...

One of the delights of reading Acacia are the sudden, unexpected developments in the story. Durham is completely unafraid to play against convention and the reader's expectations. Wars begin and end as quickly as they started, the lives of major characters take surprising twists and turns. Just when you think the story is going to fall into a familiar pattern, characters die, or their actions expose motivations that are completely apart from what you'd expect them to be.

It's a wonderfully written review by somebody that - I'm happy to say - knows his stuff. You can read the entire thing here.

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