Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Shout, and a bit of old news

I was surprised and pleased to be mentioned in an interview with Jonathan Messinger at Likely Stories, a book blog affiliated with Booklist. Jonathan is the books and poetry editor at Time Out Chicago and Editor in Chief of a Featherproof, an independent publisher.

He was promoting a forthcoming book of short stories called Hiding Out, but when asked about what he likes to read he mentioned taking Acacia with him on a recent vacation. Nice. That's always a treat to hear, but even better when it's said in public like that. I don't know Jonathon's work yet, but I'll be checking it out soon.

What's more, there's a link in the piece that goes to the Booklist review of Acacia. Strangely enough, it's a review I never read before. I knew it was good (starred actually), but I'd never gotten my hands on the text. Then I sort of forgot about it. You can read it here. Thanks to Sally Estes, the reviewer, for the kind treatment.

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