Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Things

Hello. I was blogging almost daily for awhile over the summer, but I've slowed down a little now. Part of this is that there's less news coming in. Things have mellowed out a bit. (Feels like the next big thing will be when the German Acacia pubs in January - but I'm not sure I'll do anything with that other than observe what happens from afar.) Another part of it is that I'm teaching again, and that takes a good bit of my free time.

A third factor, though, is that I'm also writing again! I'm making some decent progress on Acacia 2. Still a long way to go, but I'm getting the rhythms back and getting reacquainted with the characters, seeing how they've changed or remained the same, how they've grown for the better - or worse - or something in between.

Other things... I did just notice this brief review in the Romantic Times. I don't have real grip on just what the Romantic Times means in terms of who reads it, etc, but I do note that they wrote a lovely wee review. It's not so much a review, really. It's more of an endorsement. Works for me.

I was also pleased to note a thoughtful post by Reggie H at Noctuary. He has generous things to say about me - which I'm grateful for - but he ruminates a bit on the color blind thing from his perspective, including discussing J.M. Coetzee's new book of literary essays.

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