Monday, January 05, 2009

Fantasy Book Critic 2008 Review/2009 Preview

In answer to Robert's request I participated in his series having authors talk about their favs for the year, books they're looking forward to, and things coming up for them next year. It's quite a series, and he has a lot of authors participating. Take a look if you're in need of some suggestions.

Here's a bit of what I said...

"The Dreaming Void" by Peter F. Hamilton. I loved the scale of this, the variety of plotlines and engaging characters. It's all well written. Just a smart as you could ask for. Some of the plotlines are hard sci-fi feeling; some are set on almost subsistence worlds and feel more like fantasy. Nothing is really resolved in the book, but with writing like this I'm happy to read on for a few more thousand pages. Definitely my kind of book...

Check out the full post - and the site in general - HERE.

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