Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CV Rick's Year in Review

I know the ole blog hasn't exactly received my full attention these last few days. There's celebrating to be done, don't you know, and it's not over yet. Gudrun has just gone off to pick up some new arrivals at the airport, friends of ours who are up to celebrate the new year. Neither of them have been to Shetland before, and one of them is a London lad. He's in for a few shocks.

Anyway, I'm feeling the need to post a link, so he's one I came across recently. I don't know this guy, Rick, but he was kind enough to say nice things about Acacia, and about a few other books I thought were quite good as well. Check it out here. Guy's got taste, that's for sure...

(For that matter, his blog is pretty readable in general, on lots of different topics.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link and kind words. I've been failing at the blogging this past few months, but my reading hasn't slowed down. I'm usually not as gung-ho about fantasy as I was about Acacia, but you really caught me up in a story that had it's own flavor, it's own direction and eschewed formula. Well done. I will read more books by you (or more specifically, I'll listen to the audio), that's for sure, and I recommend Acacia often.

11:18 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

My pleasure. Very glad the book worked for you. And I'm glad to say I do have other audiobook selections to choose from. Gabriel's Story and Walk Through Darkness are both on audio, available as disks (like through libraries) and via Audible.com. I can see from your blog that you have diverse reading interests. Maybe one of these might fit the bill also...

1:12 PM  

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