Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Guilded Earlobe On Fear

It's a small thing, but I was pleased to come across this audiobook review of Nnedi Okorafor's Who Fears Death.

I'm partly happy to know that my recommendation helped encourage the reviewer to try the book, but I also want to commend him for doing so. He points out that he's "a 30something white American male, and I tend to like 30 something white American male stuff". He readily admits that Nnedi's rather serious dystopian African fantasy novel wouldn't normally appear to be his fare. But he tried it, and he liked it very much, apparently.

Thanks for doing so, Mr. Guilded Earlobe.

You can read the review HERE.



Blogger BHer said...

Great book. I read it after you posted about it. I'm a 40 something American male (who writes reviews for Fantasy Book Reviews) and I loved it too. A really compelling, complete story that was angry, sweet, and sad. But profoundly personal.

This past year 4 "future fiction" books I read really stand out - Who Fears Death, Liberation, Julian Comstock, and The Windup Girl. Similarities in all, but all took their own path. WFD certainly was the most divergent from the others, but parts of all have stuck with me. I recommend them ALL.

9:51 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Great recommendations!

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Shawn Crawford said...

Hey David,
I've been meaning to check this out--going to order it from the library today. Thanks for the recommendation.


1:40 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...



7:12 PM  

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