Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Am Love

So, this blog was never supposed to just be about my novels or about things fantastic, but I realize I haven't been posting as much random stuff, like movie recommendations and such that are far outside of the genre. I should correct that. Not everything I read or view fits into one category, and I imagine the same is true for you.

With that in mind, I'll want to mention a movie I saw the other day and quite liked. It's on dvd, an Italian movie called Io Sono L'Amore (I Am Love). It stars Tilda Swinton. Yes, she speaks Italian throughout the movie, with a little bit of Russian thrown in also. This is definitely an artsy foreign film. I've been known to both like and despise those, based on their merits. This one I liked a lot, though in some ways it's hard to say why. I won't even try.

Of course, some folks get paid to explain such things. The reviewer from Time Out had this to say:

‘I Am Love’ is a brazen blueprint for a cinema that straddles past and future while worrying little about trends of the present. It’s a bold experiment rooted in tradition. It plays like smart opera and looks like a marriage of poetic documentary with classical European drama.

Does that send you running for the hills? Perhaps. Well, try Roger Ebert's review, then. I think he does a fine job of making sense of it in his review of the film, which you can read HERE. Take a look, and it if it sounds like your thing give it a try.

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Blogger Ronald L. Smith said...

I saw this recently and thought it was fantastic. Loved the score. The art direction and food photography were brilliant.

Have always liked Tilda Swinton. She is such a chameleon.

Like you said, David, it's probably not for everyone, but if you are a fan of dark and sumptuous tales of love, betrayal and the things we do for love (cliche) see it: if only for that scene where Tilda Swinton swirls her food around her plate. You'll never look at food the same way again. (You know what I'm talking about David.)

David, are you keeping up with all the cool stuff going on with GRRM's HBO show? Lots of cool stuff.

11:23 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hi Ron,

Yeah, among other things this such a food movie. Though the setting is vastly different, something in the tone reminded me of Asian films with a strong food focus, things like The Scent of Green Papaya.

I do keep an eye on stuff in George's world. Lots of cool stuff indeed.

11:50 AM  

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