Friday, January 24, 2014

Post Stonecoast

I'm back from a lovely Stonecoast residency in Southern Maine!

Ten days a fatigued joy. Lots of great people. Writing and talking and laughing and enough social interaction to hold me for the next six months. I've got a great roster of mentees to work with over the coming months. All good. I didn't even come down with the funky flu that slammed me at the end of the last winter residency!

I'm sure I've said it before, but any writers out there that are hankering for a supportive, hardworking gang of fellow scribes - and maybe wanting to pick up a higher degree in the process - should give the Stonecoast MFA a look. And if you're a genre fiction writer interested in earning an MFA look no further! Just go to the website and check out our faculty, our accommodations, our alum success stories, our residency structure, etc.

Honestly, I think very highly of the place and I'm glad they keep letting me come back. Since 2005 you know!

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