Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat

Here's a thing - Mary Robinette Kowal and K. Tempest Bradford are running an awesome sounding retreat next year:

"Many authors struggle to write beyond what they know and write the other. While conventions are tackling this material, there is frequently not enough time to delve into this tricky and nuanced skill. The Writing the Other Workshop and Retreat is designed to have lessons and conversations at a more advanced level. By pairing it with a retreat, we give the participants an opportunity to work on projects in a nurturing environment. This week long event gives you one on one time with the instructors David Anthony Durham, Tempest Bradford, Mary Robinette Kowal, Nisi Shawl, and Cynthia Ward."

Hey, I'm in there! Which is nice for me. What's nice for folks doing this is the other folks teaching and the wonderful setting.

Check out what's on offer.

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