Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wild Cards Rolls On

I got an email from George RR Martin recently, detailing some good news about foreign deals for Wild Cards novels. I'm a contributor to the series, so I'm in the loop on such things. ;)

George wrote:

"We have a new Russian deal, this time with Exmo, for translation rights to the first seven books, from WILD CARDS through DEAD MAN'S HAND..."

At that point he says how much the advance is. Alas, I don't reckon he'd want me sharing such info, so on to the next bit.

"We also have a new Spanish language deal. This does not include Spain, but only Latin America. The publisher is Oceano, of Mexico, and the deal is for the same seven books, volumes one through seven. Oceano will pay an advance of..."

Almost got me. But, nope, I need to cut that there.

George concludes:

"So... Wild Cards rolls on, conquering the world nation by nation."

I love that. Now, admittedly, these books  all feature the original and early crew members. I'm not one of those, so this doesn't mean that anything of mine is included in these deals. But I'm inclined to believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, even my little dingy. So, I'm pleased for the series in general.

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