Monday, August 13, 2012

Wild Cards Rolls On...

Very pleased to have heard good news from George RR Martin recently. The Wild Cards Series continues to make its way in the world - both going forward and going back.

The forward part is that Tor has signed up for the twenty-third volume in the series, High Stakes. It's going to conclude the triad begun with Fort Freak (where I first began writing in the series) and continued with Lowball (which I'm also in). Lowball is in the final stages of editing, so I imagine it'll be out in 2013. And then I'll pitch a storyline for High Stakes!

The going backwards part? Well, that's that Tor has agreed to republish the original volumes four through seven: Aces Abroad, Down & Dirty, Ace in the Hole, and Dead Man's Hand. Very cool. This - added to the coming UK publications and the fact that the series is in active development for film - suggests the series may be gaining traction in a big way.

I'm hoping so.

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