Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dusting of Snow

We woke up this morning to white stuff falling from the sky. Rather nice. Our first dusting of snow for the season. I took a short walk out to the lake, enjoying the quiet, the feeling of change in the air. Nice way to start the day.

This morning it's just me and the boy. Gudrun has taken Maya off to an art class, and Sage and I are hanging out at the library in Amherst. He's just tucked into Rick Riordan's The Sea of Monsters and seems immediately absorbed.

That reminds me to post a picture we took yesterday. I can't say he's quite as absorbed in this one, though he does seem to have his concentration on. It's a finished version of the UK edition of The Other Lands (Acacia, Book 2).

Okay, gotta run. It's a few quick grocery stops for us, and then home to fire up the woodstove. And then... some time writing. All things considered, it's a day I'm enjoying very much.

Before I go, I offer a link to an article by Lyman Feero at The Feral Pages. It's about the old genre line thing, and - as Lyman mentioned in the comments on a recent post here - he mentions me! Oh, and since I'm linking to The Feral Pages, I should mention that another former student of mine (along with Lyman) has a story up there. Check out Patrick Shawn Bagley's "The Cove".


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