Friday, September 19, 2008

Word Candy

The Folks at Word Candy like Acacia. That's nice, only thing is they're not shy about pushing the author around a bit. They want a sequel, and they don't mind who knows it!

"We suggest that Mr. Durham take a nine-books-per-decade author like Dan Simmons as his model, and get cracking on those sequels, pronto."

I will say in my defense that as the sole breadwinner in my family I'm a bit strapped for time, essentially doing two different full time jobs, with a part-time job thrown in as well, you know? But I won't ask for sympathy. And I won't argue with em. Instead, I just promise I'll do better with the third book. It carries right on from The Other Lands, so I won't even need to take a break in between...

Here's the full review.

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Blogger Dirk said...

Nine books in a decade? What a slacker!

"usually writes a first draft of a novel in three to four weeks, although she has been known to completely finish a novel in less than four weeks."

Looks like she's written 25 books in one series in 6 years. Now that's crankin em out!

I've read nothing by that author so I have no idea if her 4 week novels are any good.


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