Monday, August 18, 2008

davebrendon's fantasy & SciFi Weblog

Dave Brendon, a bookseller and blogger from South Africa, has posted a lovely review of Acacia on his blog. He's the SciFi and Fantasy specialist at Fascination Books, which appears to be a chain with stores all over South Africa. Cool. Also very nice that he liked the book so much!

Dave has been in contact with me, actually, and I'll be answering a few interview questions for him shortly. Great to think I'm getting some attention way down south in Africa.

If you have any desire to buy your books in Rands, now you know where to go!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks David, that was really nice of you. :-) But hey, can you blame me? You're the one who wrote the awesome book. :-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hey, Dave, do you all ever get foreign authors coming through on book tour in South Africa? Just curious...

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it does happen, but the media coverage is almost non-existent. :-( We've had Jodi Picoult here (wonderful, very pleasant and approachable), John Connolley (which I heard about a year after it happened! I would have given a kidney to meet the man), and a few others, but the publicity for the visits is arranged through the publishers and book stores, so the events, when they occur, are pretty small. Jeffrey Deaver is supposed to be from next week onwards to promote 'The Broken Window' and I've arranged a face-to-face interview with him through the publishers, but that was a month ago and I haven't heard anything yet.
I aim to get this kind of thing to grow, so I'm just doing what I can to promote here. :-)

3:19 AM  

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