Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wanna Have the First Say...

In terms of how a new book begins to enter the publishing world? Well, Publishers Weekly is one of the places to start, and interestingly enough they're looking for reviewers - especially in genre areas. Says Rose Fox (the power that be in this area)...

"At this point I am only looking for people who have already done a lot of nonfiction writing, preferably book or movie reviewing, and are familiar and comfortable with the editorial process, small wordcounts (I ask for 180-200 words and edit them down to about 145), and tight deadlines. The pay is $25 per review and I generally send each reviewer about one book every two weeks, though if I bring on many more reviewers that may stretch to one book every three or four weeks."

I know, $25 will hardly put the kids through college, but think labor of love, though. Labor of love...

The full ad is here, on PW's site.

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