Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Russian Vibe

Two bits of news for today. First off is that we've just sold the Russian rights to Acacia: The War with the Mein! It didn't go to Eksmo, my Pride of Carthage publisher, but to new one for me: Recliff Holdings Ltd, the imprint for foreign authors at AST-Press. They are the Russian publisher for John Twelve Hawks' Fourth Realm series and Stephen King's Salem's Lot and The Shining. They also have a number of other bestselling American fiction authors on their list, including fantasy writers like Terry Brooks!

That info all comes from the foreign rights agent that handled it. Personally, I couldn't find much info on AST online. I did come across this article: A Publishing Revolution, though, which mentions the company. It also makes Russian publishing seem like quite a troubled but developing market. Glad to be part of it...

The second thing is that I got a mini-review in the July issue of Vibe! (I doubt that link will actually get you to anything about the book, but that's their main page.) So I'm in Vibe? That's pretty unexpected. Here's what they said:

"ACACIA: Betrayal. Revenge. Redemption. Magic. Durham delivers the stuff that epic tales are made of (with a multiracial cast of characters) in the first of his mythic war trilogy about four siblings' quest to avenge their father's death and reclaim his empire."

Okay. Yeah, that's my book. And this makes at least the second time I'm sharing print space with 50 Cent! I don't think I've ever been mentioned with Bart Simpson, but one can dream...

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Blogger John Dent said...

You know, for a second I thought that *was* you with Bart Simpson! haha :)

1:44 PM  
Blogger clindsay said...

That IS David - he is just too shy to tell you. David looks good when he gets his bling on. HAH!

3:34 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

La Gringa,

If you think it would help the publication I'd be happy to head out the gym, work out a bit, get a scowl on. I'd likely look ridiculous, but anything for the cause!

11:52 AM  

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