Wednesday, March 06, 2013

LEYA Has Been Good To Me

A little while back I announced that the very cool Brazilian publisher LEYA had signed an uber-deal for all 22 of George RR Martin's Wild Cards collaborative series of novels (including the one I'm helping to wrap up right now). That still makes me shake me head. 22 books in one deal?...

I can now announce another deal with them that I'm very happy about.

LEYA has also had the incredible wisdom to acquire the Acacia Trilogy for the Brazilian market! Hurrah! I'm going to Brazil! Or... my books and my characters are, at least. Maybe I'll get there myself some day.

This is an entirely new market for me. Saída de Emergência published the series wonderfully in Portugal, but Brazil is a different territory. Here's hoping the LEYA books look as lovely as Saída de Emergência editions!

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