Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Night of the Swarm

It's with great pleasure that I direct your attention to the publication of a new book - one that concludes a four book epic fantasy series!

The new book is called The Night of the Swarm, by Robert V. S. Redick. It's the last volume of The Chatrand Quartet, that began with The Red Wolf Conspiracy.

I'm so pleased that Robert is wrapping up the series. If you haven't checked this out, give it a look. Here's what Publishers Weekly said about the first book, and I think they got it right:

Insane god-kings, miniature warriors and sentient animals fight over a powerful ancient artifact in Redick's dramatic, complex debut. The Mzithrin and Arquali Empires have been locked in a 40-year cold war over the resources and riches of the Crownless Lands on their common frontier. Now the Chathrand, a floating city built as much by sorcerer as shipwright, bears young Thasha, an unwilling bride to an enemy prince. No one seems sure whether this is a sincere attempt to bind the two empires together in peace or merely a gambit in their political games. The tense atmosphere soon erupts as various factions struggle to find and control the myth-wrapped Red Wolf. Both adult and young adult readers will find much to enjoy in this tale of sea-faring and bloody diplomacy.



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