Saturday, August 25, 2012 Sale! is having a sale this week on selected titles that were produced through their ACX program. That's wherein authors work directly with narrators to produce audiobooks together, and then upload them to Audible.

I did that with the distinguished narrator Dick Hill, and he produced an epic reading of my historical novel Pride of Carthage.

I'm pleased to say that Pride of Carthage will be part of this sale! (Click here to check it out.)

Audible is temporarily reducing the price on these titles to $5.95 for a la carte purchasers at That's a great price, considering how much audiobooks usually cost. Audible Listener members get their usual, additional 30% discount off the a la carte price - so for some it's even lower. This special promotion will begin Saturday, August 25, and run through Sunday, September 2.

But, you may ask, is the book any good?

Yes, of course it is! Don't trust me, though, check out what other folks had to say if you need convincing...

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review): Known for his novels of African-American life in 19th-century America (Gabriel's Story; Walk Through Darkness), Durham leaps continents and centuries to tell the epic story of Hannibal and his march on Rome in this heady, richly textured novel.

Booklist (Starred Review): Durham's epic is truly a big, magnificent, sprawling story complete with a sizable cast of compelling characters, intricately drawn battle scenes, and fluid, graceful prose.

Library Journal (Starred Review): Durham's latest offers a rich, exciting, and panoramic view of the legendary Carthaginian general who almost conquered Rome... An epic tale well told.

The Christian Science Monitor: "Much that was lost is revived here in all its glory and gore, but ultimately what's more stunning is Durham's imagination, his sensitivity to the cost and exhaustion of war. It's a brilliant exploration of the tension between private destiny and historical force, as full of the sweep of geopolitics as the quiet intimacies of a marriage. He so clearly creates the hopes and fears of these people removed from us by time and culture that we can recognize our tragic, common heritage."

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Blogger David said...

Not to insult the other authors, but looking the list of ACX books Pride of Carthage may be the best one on this list. Unfortunately, or fortunately I already purchased it at Audible! Can't wait for your Sparticus book!

2:36 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

You're very kind. Thanks picking it up. Sorry you missed the sale, though!

And thanks for your interest in Spartacus. I've been slow getting started with it, balancing some other writing projects, but it's going to be my focus throughout the fall and winter (and probably the spring too). It's coming, and it's great material!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Spartacus, too.
My daughter just told me about a TV series about Spartacus - and I said, I'd wait for the book ;-)

11:29 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

That tv series takes a decidedly different take on the whole Spartacus thing than I do!

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Keaton S said...

Thank you forr writing this

6:10 PM  

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