Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If You're One of Those People...

For about a year now I've been able to follow my weekly book sales via Bookscan. Usually, there are lots of ups and downs. Sales go up when a new book comes out. When there are reviews or end of year lists, etc. All the predictable stuff. Normally, I pay only passing attention. Gotta keep my sights set on the new books, right?

My interest has perked up a bit recently, though. For some reason, sales have slowly and steadily increased over the summer. I'm not aware of any particular promotions or ads or anything. No new publications. But week by week for most of the summer the Acacia books have been steadily selling.

It's kinda cool. But I don't know where or why this is happening. My Amazon sales rank is nothing special. So... can it be that people are actually finding the books in bookstores? Is it all because of that GRRM quote? Word of mouth?

Beats me, but I'm pleased. If you're one of the people out that there's come to the series this summer, thank you. I hope you like it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I purchased Acacia because it was compared to ASOIAF on the Top 25 Fanasy Book review list, http://bestfantasybooks.com/top25-fantasy-books.php

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