Friday, June 01, 2012

Strange Horizons on The Sacred Band

Matt Hilliard recently published a very insightful review of TSB over at Strange Horizons. He says a lot of terrific stuff, actual analysis of theme and all that! Nice.

He concludes:

"The world's problems may not be solved, but the Acacia series shows us it is a victory just to confront those problems rather than shrinking back in despair at their size. The final political settlement at the end of the story is clearly not even remotely final, but it's a step in the right direction that carries with it hope that the sacrifices made might purchase a slightly better world for the next generation. It may not be possible to fix the world in a day, or even a lifetime, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't begin."


If you want to read more take a look HERE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fully agree - I really liked the conclusion of the book.

And what a timely post :-) (so I don't have to make a totally off-topic comment)
I have finally finished the triology. In the end I gave up looking for it in the local bookstore and spelling your name to the shop assistants and just downloaded the kindle version (after finding out that you don't need the device to read it on the computer).
In the beginning your book was up against a mighty obstacle: Since you are one of the three authors whose blogs I read regularly I declared you one of my favorite authors without ever having read a book of yours and so my expectations were extremely high.
And I had planned to send the triology to my son as soon as the third book was out in German. So I read very critically.
But it did not take too long to get fully enthalled in the story, finding the characterization very satisfying, the development of the plot gripping, the overall problems daunting and making me think "how can they possibly manage to solve this" ... (I wished I was a critic to be able to express it all). In a nutshell, it was one of those books that feel like something important in your live. Right now I feel like starting from the beginning again, because I don't want to say goodbye.

On another note:
I was very pleased to read that you made "Pride of Carthage" into an audiobook. (It's the next on my list). And so I thought, I would get your other books as audiobooks too. Imagine my annoyance when I was told, that "due to publishing rights" I cannot get "Gabriel's story". Something similar probably holds for "Walk through Darkness". Well, at least I have the Kindle versions - but it would have been nice ... - and maybe I still can hope.

11:46 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Thanks for all the kind words! Very glad to hear that you enjoyed the series, and that I didn't let you down. ;)

I'm never sure about what's available in what regions. Sorry if some things don't make it to you. I certainly wish anybody anywhere to get my work - if they're nice enough to want it.

I'm really happy to have Pride of Carthage as an audiobook too. It was a long time in coming. It felt very good to just be able to do it in partnership with the narrator.

I hope to have some more Pride of Carthage news soon. (It's a secret at the moment, but...)

11:15 AM  

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