Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writing About Race in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Just up at SF Signal, the beginning of a Roundtable Interview with Aliette de Bodard, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ken Liu... and me! I can't vouch for myself, but I know the others said some insightful stuff.

Take a look HERE.

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Blogger Dan (Targh) said...

Good interview. I finished the Acacia books last week and thoroughly enjoyed them. One thing I was impressed with on reflection was the rather light touch you took when it came to race. It was only at one particular point that it even occurred to me 'hey, some of these guys are black, some are white, most are fairly in between'. It was quite refreshing to read a series where there are distinct races while their differences aren't being rammed down your throat in a heavy handed manner.

One of my favourite scenes even revolved around it, without making it overly obvious - the scene with Maeander's specially trained creatures, to avoid spoilers. Gave me a laugh.

By the way... new beard, or old picture? Looks good, you should keep it/grow it back!

3:28 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Thanks Dan!

As for the beard... I'm clean shaven at the moment. The beard will come back at some point, though. Maybe as the fall approaches and I start feeling more serious...

8:51 AM  

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