Friday, May 20, 2011

A Kind Note

Every now and then a note from a reader strikes me enough that I feel like mentioning it here. That happened today. I received this note:

Hello Mr. Durham,

During the spring semester a few years ago at the Univeristy of Maryland, I'd go to the bookstore in the Student Union between classes, and read Pride of Carthage. I was too poor to buy it, but it was so good that I just squatted on the floor for a few hours at a time until I finished it, missing several classes in the process. I've read it about 4-5 times since, repurchasing it every time because I give away every copy I rebuy to friends to share. It is, without a doubt, my favorite work of fiction ever.

I just recently picked up Acacia, and I like it, and so I went to your website to see what else you have done and saw you were working on another ancient Rome novel. Naturally, I pissed all over myself in excitement.

Please keep up the excellent work.



Now, there are few things that make me smile here. First off, I went to the University of Maryland and I read books on the floor of the student union. I don't know if he means College Park or Baltimore County, but it doesn't matter because I went to both campuses! I, of course, appreciate the multiple reading and purchases, and I blush at the notion of it being B's "favorite work of fiction". Ever!

I'm not so sure about the... ah... bladder control situation, but I'm glad it was excitement that brought it on.

And, more seriously, it's a timely note. Just yesterday I received my royalty statement for Pride of Carthage and Acacia. (They were accounted together, so the cash from them is intermingled.) What I seem to forget - but always get reminded of when I see the statements - is that PoC did rather well! It performed well here, but in some ways did even better in its Spanish incarnation, and it wasn't too shabby in Italian either. It's a pleasure to be reminded of that, and then to hear from B, and to be able to look forward for returning to the ancient world with my Spartacus book.

So, I'm all smiles this Friday. If any of you can be convinced to give old Hannibal's story a try, it's HERE waiting for you: Pride of Carthage!

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Blogger The Know It All Review said...

I have similar feelings about your Acacia series. I am always looking for new books to read and I often spend hours walking through bookstores picking up books and reading about the author and the story to see if it seems interesting. I don't even know what drew me to Acacia or you as an author, But there was something intriguing about your past books. I figured I would give it a try. It was actually the First book I have ever just randomly picked out without getting a recommendation from someone I know. I must say it was a great choice on my part. I am eagerly waiting for The Sacred Band. Unlike "B" I have never read Pride of Carthage. But after such a great review I believe I will have to get the book and check it out. I have recently been coming to your site for book recommendations. I am currently reading The Fire and Ice Series because I read about George RR Martin on your site. Great story glad I gave it a shot.

You are quickly rising up the ranks and becoming one of my favorite authors.


1:41 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...


Thank you, sir. I hope you continue to enjoy my books. And how funny is it for me to hear that you're reading GRRM because of MY recommendation! I'll have to tell him about that some time...

8:22 AM  

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