Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Conversation About Health-care

This if from Fresh Air last night. I found it an interesting discussion. Terry Gross talks to author T.R. Reid, who has just written a book that looks at health-care comparatively between developed nations.

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Anonymous Ethan Iktho said...

One thing is sure, or will be one day,

If you don't care about your health, one day you might not be able to read the latest opus of David. So you'd better think about it and the system that can guarantee some health care for anybody else (which means for as many readers of D-A.D as possible, and if it's the only reason for you to get interested by this problem, well, it's a good reason !)

By the way, Obama is trying to create something that the French government is trying to destroy. I don't know if it is funny, sad, or whatever, but I guess it says something about USA and Europe today.

7:57 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hey, honestly, French health care helped me get started as a writer. When I was in France writing Gabriel's Story my wife was pregnant and we were very poor. I don't think I could have devoted those months to writing that book if I had also been worrying about how to pay for my baby's birth. Instead, because of UK and French health care, I just wrote fast and was able to begin my publishing career just a month after my daughter was born.

I might need to do an actual post about this...

12:26 PM  

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