Friday, October 24, 2008

No, Not Procrastinating

Strange that at the same time I'm supposed to be making a big push on the book I also seem inclined to post more. Procrastination? No, not really. I had a great writing day yesterday. Produced almost 4000 words. That's pretty good. If I keep that up I'll be on schedule to press SEND on Thursday.

Good thing, too, as I'm also hopping on a plane to Calgary for World Fantasy that day! It will be so good to be able to tell folks the book is done. That's miles better than saying, "Almost there. No really, just a little bit more..."

So, yes, I will go work. But I also notice I have a backlog of interesting linky type stuff. With the election in mind, I thought I'd mention this non-partisan article...

Thanks to Teri for pointing me toward this Washington Post piece about the history of getting dirty in presidential campaigns. Some amusing stuff, and a great reminder that the things we'll be seeing the next couple of weeks aren't new at all.

You can read it HERE.

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Blogger Meghan said...

"Produced almost 4000 words"

Awesome! That's a lot of writing there. How long did it take you to get all that out?

3:16 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

It was an all-day effort, with interruptions to eat, pace about, watch a little news, talk to my wife... But I began thinking of the day as a writing day, and I ended it at about 12:45, closing the computer on the bed and trying to go to sleep. That took a while.

It was 3800 to be more precise, but even that plus and minuses quite a bit of revision in addition to the new words. I don't know when I've written that much in one day in a long time. It's been awhile since I HAD TO, but I HAVE TO now.

Back to it. (After lunch, actually.)


3:34 PM  

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