Monday, July 23, 2007

The Washington Post

Rachel Hartigan Shea (a senior editor of Book World, no less) wrote a lovely review of Acacia. It was a great pleasure to read (at high-speed the first time; more carefully thereafter). She managed to focus only on the plot points of the first part of the book, while finding lots of ways to say good things about the entirety of it.

Early on she writes... From the first pages of Acacia, Durham, a respected historical novelist, demonstrates that he is a master of the fantasy epic.

I'd never say that myself ("master", heehee), but I don't mind repeating it if somebody else says it. Interestingly, though, she closes with... How will it all end? If the first volume of this projected series is any indication, in brilliant -- and brutal -- defiance of fantasy conventions.

I love that too. On one hand firmly a writer of fantasy; on the other working in defiance of fantasy conventions. That's a groovy balance, and I'm happy if some out there think I'm making it work.

You'd almost think this fantasy stuff can have some substantial bite to it.



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