Saturday, July 14, 2007

Revolution Science Fiction

RevolutionSF has shown me love in several ways. They made Acacia: The War with the Mein the front page feature! At the moment it's HERE, with the Acacia map used prominently. If you click on the map it takes you to the "Baker's Dozen" interview I did with Rick Klaw. Nice. This would've been cool enough, especially as I think their site is great, smart and witty and well put together. It gets better, though.

They have a review up by Peggy Hailey. She talks about approaching the book warily, thinking she was largely done with epic fantasy quests and Book One's of new series, and especially with long Book One's. That is, of course, a scary way to start a review - from the author's perspective...

Ah, but what gratification follows! She liked the book, quite a bit it seems. Among other generous things, she writes...

"David Anthony Durham has pulled off something remarkable: a huge, sprawling epic that manages to weave together history, politics, intrigue and thunderous action scenes without ever losing track of the multitudes of finely-drawn characters."

Double nice.

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