Sunday, July 22, 2007

Down from on Top

Yikes. We had a great time in the mountains, but I'm hobbling around now like an old geezer. You would be too - well, I'd like to think so, at least - if you'd driven up from flat Fresno to 7,500 feet, and from there hiked up to camp at a high, alpine lake at 10,000 feet! It was kinda epic, the first time we've done this sort of thing as a family. The kids were great. Absolutely great. It was decidedly the workout of their young lives, but they ate up the trail. (Granted, at some point during the second night they both hurled. Reaction to the fatigue and the altitude, I figure. But beyond that they honestly didn't complain.)

I won't go on about it here, but if you'd like a glimpse of things Durham you could click over to Girl Cat Snoozing, where my wife will be posting about the trip as well - with pictures! (Try clicking on the last photo. It looks like it's just a boulder field, but my son and daughter are in there somewhere.)



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