Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anne Groell Interview

Noticed this on The Swivet. It's an interview with Bantam editor Anne Groell at SF Canada. She talks about the genre, about publishing in general, about being an editor. By the way, I've long thought aspiring writers should know something about the lives of the people that get their books into print. I don't mean get bogged down in only being focussed on the business, but I do think it's a mistake - one our MFA programs often make - to ignore the realities of the publishing industry. Anne dishes out a little reality, among it...

"Yeah, but the problem is that publishing is a business and, as such, requires profits. People aren't buying books like they used to, and we have to reflect that in our staffing, and in the decisions we make... Our decisions are based on the market, and - in many ways - the market is tough out there right now."

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