Monday, December 26, 2011

These Last Few Days

Had a lovely few festive days recently. Very Scottish.

It began on Christmas Eve, when the family headed out to see the traditional "panto" at the Pitlochry Festival Theater. This time they did Sleeping Beauty. Very silly version, lots of audience participation and laughs, a disco time travel thing...
The best part, though, was that my daughter, Maya, had a role in it! She's not in the photo above, but she was one of the faeries. Speaking lines and everything! She's doing quite a few performances over the holidays, and she's loving it. I have to admit being really impressed with her performance. Also... well, it's a really Scottish show. By Scots, for Scots, filled with Scottish humor and accents. And my daughter held her own there, one of the locals at the moment. That was fun to watch.

On Christmas day we did the usual present thing, and then took a windy walk in the shifting, dramatic Scottish weather. The sky was filled with drama, high clouds, low sunlight, rain to one side, wind everywhere, a bit of snow on the mountains, and... (I'm not kidding) several rainbows. Really lovely. Later it was great food and some Glenrothes single malt, Settlers of Catan and then the animated film The Illusionist. Good stuff all.
In whatever way you're spending these last few days, I hope you're having a lovely time and are looking toward the new year with enthusiasm and optimism!



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