Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ten Rules For Writing Fiction

I like this piece from the Guardian (which Mike Kimball pointed out to me). It starts with Elmore Leonard's tips, but then goes on with a grabbag of other authors, including Richard Ford, Margaret Atwood, Geoff Dyer, Neil Gaiman, PD James, Phillip Pullman, Michael Morpurgo, Zadie Smith, Jeanette Winterson and many others!

Take a look HERE.

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Blogger Meghan said...

Cameron McClure talked about these during the writer's conference. Ironically it was a seminar about the authors who broke these rules successfully. It's pretty neat check out her blog:


6:45 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hi Meghan,

Thanks for the link. And, yes, that's how I read the list too. There are tons of good points. Tons of other ones I'm less sure of or that I know don't work for me. But it's fun to compare and contrast. We all work differently as writers, but we can still learn from each other.

Also, by the way, a few of the comments struck me as particularly funny because some of the authors are famous for NOT dealing well with the very thing that they're suggesting. I'll name no names, but...

9:56 AM  

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