Friday, June 08, 2007

Steven Barnes Blurb

Steven Barnes offered us a glimpse of the review he wrote of Acacia: The War with the Mein for Black Issues Book Review. He liked the book, and I'm thrilled about that! Mr. Barnes knows sci-fi and fantasy as well as anybody out there. He has all sorts of writing credits to his name, novels, screenplays, reviews, lectures... I regularly hear him on NPR. His twenty novels include Lion's Blood, Charisma, and the New York Times bestsellers The Legacy of Heorot and The Cestus Deception. Here's a little bit of the kindness he sent my way...

David Anthony Durham (Gabriel's Story; Walk Through Darkness; Pride of Carthage) has a new book, and it's something of a wonder... Durham's use of ancient legends to fill cultural back-story, while simultaneously mirroring and contrasting his world's current events, is just flat brilliant... What we have here is an astonishing "first" novel-fantasy, far more difficult to write than most would think, and Durham has made the leap from contemporary to historical to fantasy/allegorical with formidable ease.



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