Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've Been Quiet

That's not because I've been doing nothing, though. Been doing lots of stuff, really, though circumstances are such that I can't talk about much of it. Some things have been delayed because of my ownself. Some have been screwed with in general. Some are things that involve other folks, and I have to wait for them. So... I may be waiting a while yet for those things. It will all, eventually, be good. I really have no doubt about that.

But! One of the projects that's been held up for the last year has finally come together. It's a Wild Cards/George RR Martin thing.

But... I've been remiss in updating on various new Wild Cards developments. So, before mentioning the WC news that includes me directly, I'll update on things about my mutant family. See next post...

(I'd like spread these things out a bit, as the pieces came in separately over last couple of weeks.)



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