Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Return

cI've taught a lot of aspiring novelists. MFA students. Undergrads. Various workshops. Literary fiction. Genre writers. Coast to coast and overseas.

I get around.

The crazy thing about it is that despite the hard work folks put in, the actual number of students that end up having an awesome book launch is relatively few. It's a hard game.

For most people.

At the moment, one student, Zachary Jernigan, is not most people. His debut novel, No Return, is heading for publication this spring, with terrific looking packaging and enthusiasm from Night Shade. Hardback, with this very impressive jacket design:

Click to enlarge and read all the goodness. Among it, is a blurb from myself. Just saying the truth, and that is:

“A visionary, violent, sexually charged, mystical novel – No Return challenges classification. Clearly, Zachary Jernigan has no respect for genre confines. His tale of gods hanging in the sky and a “constructed man” with glowing blue coals for his eyes and a motley band of fighters navigating a harsh landscape peopled by savage creatures and religious zealots… Well, it’s pure genius. Here’s hoping it’s just the first of many such works from this guy.” – David Anthony Durham

But, rest assured, more reputable people than me think similar things.

What's cool about this, for me, is that I read this material when it was shiny and new, fresh from Zach's brain. I can't claim any credit for him getting a publishing deal, of course. He did that on his own. In his own way. But still, it's with great satisfaction that I highlight this work. It's a couple months from publication, I think, but look out for it. If the description sounds of interest, please check it out.

This guy is the real deal. It's your job - should you choose to accept it - to make him write the sequel. And then more.


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Blogger Zacharyjernigan said...

Well, thank you, David! Your advice made the book much better than it otherwise would've been!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Nick Sharps said...

Thank you Mr Durham. Without your blurb it is unlikely that I would have picked up SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER (my favorite fantasy book of 2012) or met Zachary Jernigan (who I now consider a good friend). Any other recommendations you have are greatly appreciated :D

7:12 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hey Zach. Well, I'm pleased to hear you so say.

Nick, that's great to hear on both counts!

8:33 AM  

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