Monday, March 05, 2012

Imaginales 2012

Bienvenue aux Imaginales, avec l'affiche de Christophe Vacher!

I've known this for a few months now, but I can finally say it publicly: I'm going to France again for the Imaginales fantasy conference! This is major awesomeness. It's a great event that takes place in the lovely city of Epinal in northeastern France. In a way, the conference takes over the town, with attendees walking out along the lovely lanes, going to great restaurants, just generally enjoying things French. And books! And writers! And readers!

And lovely people wearing full body paint... It is France, after all.

HERE's a list of this year's invitees.

Other than my humble self, the US will represented by Mercedes Lackey, Naomi Novik, Brent Weeks, Jaye Wells and MaryJanice Davidson.

I know a lot of French writers from my last trip there, and I very much look forward to reconnecting with them. And I'm thrilled to finally get to me the German writer Kai Meyer. My whole family are fans of his. We read his Wave Walkers and Dark Reflections books for younger readers, but Kai has written many books for adults too. He's sold like a million and a half copies just in Germany, with lots more in translation all over the world. The best part about all this is that we've been internet friends for some time now! It'll be great to finally meet him in person.

Considering that - and that I'll be hanging out with Naomi Novik - my kids are seriously jealous!

I'm so grateful to my publisher, Le Pre aux Clercs, and the festival and the town of Epinal for bringing me back. It will be fabulous. I've no doubt about that whatsoever.

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Blogger Aliette de Bodard said...

Yay! Hope I can make it this year! (it's planned, but not yet definite)

11:57 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...


That would be terrific! I hope you can make it, too.

12:29 PM  

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