Thursday, May 26, 2011

Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards

When I was in France a couple years back for Imaginales I met loads of very cool sff authors. Quite a few were French, and another handful were German. Talking to them about their work, I was bummed that I'd probably not be able to read it any time soon. Why? Because it's so bloody hard for non-English language writers to get translated into English. It happens, sure, but not for the majority of writers out there.

I wish that weren't so. I can only imagine that they'd bring perspectives and styles and themes that would liven up English-language sff.

Oh well... I promise to work on my French.

All of that is preface to the mention that I just got an email promoting the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards. These are for sff works written in other languages and translated into English. There's some progress! Looks like they're new.

Go check them out HERE. Maybe you'll find something you'll like...

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