Friday, December 04, 2009

SFX Review of The Other Lands

SFX magazine, which I believe is the foremost mag for all things science fiction and fantasy in the UK, recently reviewed The Other Lands. They'd been nice to Acacia: The War With The Mein, a couple years back - with quotes like "this could be the start of a fantasy classic" - and they've been very kind to the second installment also. Actually, they've upped the star count by one.

This time around they concluded with:

"Durham combines that portrayal of sharp political manoeuvring with some breathtaking action sequences and equally sharp prose. He writes with great clarity, sweeping you up in the grandeur of his epic vision."

Well, that's lovely. I don't see the review online, but if you like you could click on the wee pdf on the side here. I think you'll be able to read it in a bigger version. Just on the off-chance you're a new arrival and are looking for some encouragement to start the series...

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