Friday, May 22, 2009

Ursula Gets Respect

I first saw this at Cheryl's Mewsings, where she also has up a full Imaginales Con report. It's an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper (that would be the one my father in law reads) about Ursula K LeGuin's influence on a generation of writers.

I like it, especially as it points lucidly to the fact that many of the best "literary" writers working these days have been nourished by fantasy.

I'm just forty now, but proud to say I'm one of that generation that has been influenced for the better by LeGuin's work.

Where would I have been without Ged?

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Blogger Child of Albion said...

Le Guin has done so much to remind people that fantasy and literature are not opposed to one another. I'm glad she is being listened to, but as she expressed in a recent interview with China Miéville, I hope that more do listen and quickly. The literary world, in all its varieties, will be better for it.

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