Saturday, January 28, 2006

El Orgullo De Cartago - Spanish Pride of Carthage

Got my hands on the Spanish edition of Pride of Carthage. It's called Anibal: El Orgullo De Cartago, and it's published in hardcover by Ediciones B. I dig it. It's decidely strange to flip through a foreign language edition, seeing your story, your characters, your scenes rendered in another language. I'm pleased.

They used an illustration that I've seen before. It's a dramatic, sort of surreal image, really. It doesn't quite jive with the depiction of the use of elephants I have in the book. Namely, I went with the notion that Hannibal used a variety of North African elephant that was smaller than either Bush Elephants or Indian Elephants. The drivers rode behind the elephants' heads, mounted as a single person on a living bulldozer. Ediciones B went with an image of enormous elephants carrying towers in which multiple archers rode. Very different. But I'm not bothered. It's well out of my hands, and it does make for a dramatic image.

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