Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ACÁCIA - Presságios de Inverno

The second volume of The War with the Mein just appeared in it's Portuguese edition. It's called ACÁCIA - Presságios de Inverno.

I was very curious as to what the reaction was going to be. My Portuguese publisher, Saida de Emergencia, split the book in two. I know they have their reasons for this, but since I didn't write it with that in mind it's always a bit worrisome. Readers know it's been split in two, and yet they can't help reading each book as a separate book since... that's what they appear to be.

The first book got some positive press, but the jury was out until the second book appeared. I've just read my first review of it, at the popular website Ler y Criticar. I'm pleased to say Luis had lovely things to say about the book, enough so that it seems he's sent some readers out to the store - despite their nearly empty pockets!

 I'm happy. You can read the review HERE.

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