Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Pub Day

No, this is not a tale of barroom hijinks. The "pub" in question here is the massmarket publication of The Sacred Band. It's out today!

Now, I have to admit that we won't be doing much of anything special to celebrate this. I'm still up on the hill in rural Scotland. No adoring fans to be seen. (Unless you count the sheep.) I'm working away on my next project, picking the kids up from school, walking the dog, cooking dinner, etc.

Same old stuff that makes a life.

But... that's not to say I'm not excited about this publication. I am, very much so. For the first time the entire Acacia trilogy is available in handy paperback editions. They look lovely, and the covers have all sorts of nice quotes on them, handily written by people other than me!

So... if you've been waiting for paperback completion, you have to wait no more. If the hardbacks are too heavy and bulky, no worries. If you've been thinking about introducing a friend to the series but wanted to present them with the whole set... (I know, wishful thinking on my part, but it is a nice set - and you get all three books for about the same as a single hardback. It's a steal!)

There are clearly lots of reasons this publication is good news. I hope you agree. And if it all possible I'd love to encourage you to pick up a copy - for yourself or for a friend. I would appreciate it greatly.

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