Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Publishing Presents 1

Two of my foreign publishers sent me cool things recently. One of them I'll write about tomorrow, but for today I offer this...

And what's that? It's a hardback edition of the British The Other Lands (Acacia, Book 2). Why is that cool? Because they actually published the book as a paperback. This one is a special edition done for the Book Club Association. A book club! I didn't even know one of those was in the works. I'm chuffed, though. This one is rather small format, tight pages with some fine print. It's a mini - and hard - version of the book. I like.

And tomorrow, I'll tell you what my French publisher just sent me...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

British covers just kick butt. IMHO

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Nicholas Gourlay said...

It's perfect for on the bus. I want it.

3:01 PM  

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