Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Squam Arts Workshops

Here's a thing...

I'll be teaching at the Squam Arts Workshops in June of 2013! This is rather a cool thing, the first time I've been invited. Makes me nervous, actually, but it should be a lot of fun.

Here's a sample from the teachers list...
That's me! And below me, yep, that's Gudrun. She, of course, is a veteran of Squam events, including one in Italy. Much of the program is knitting and fiber-related, artistic and holistic and enriching.

My part? Well, I'm sticking to the only thing I know. Writing. I'm doing a few classes called Story in a Day. It's my first time teaching this kind of workshop, but I've got some ideas and I think it'll be fun. It's open to any style of fiction, just working within a framework of prompts that are fundamental to all storytelling.

Gudrun has come back from Squam having loved it every time. It's a wonderful atmosphere, good people, in a stunning lakeside setting in New Hampshire. So, if you want to hang out and write a story in a day, please do. Bring family and friends! Make it a holiday. Go check out the course list. There's lots of cool stuff to choose from!

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