Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Transit

I'm a tired guy. I just finished an intense 9 days teaching at the Stonecoast Low-Residcency MFA Program, and now I'm in the airport. Not going home, though. I'm going to San Diego to teach at Clarion. (And make a few trips over to Comic-Con.) I'm exhausted, but I'm happy to say I'm really looking forward to Clarion. Should be a great week!

On a related note.... I miss my dog. 9 days without Saba! It's rough...

Oh, and I miss my family, too. Really I do!

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Blogger AuthorMegNorth said...

Hi David, That's pretty awesome that you were here in Maine. How did you like the Stonecoast MFA program? I've only heard good things about it, having attended their summer writing workshop with Dennis Lehane and Tom Perotta back in 2003. I'm sorry you miss your dog. She's lovely; with the coloring in the photograph she looks part Weimaraner. I'd miss my pug if I was gone so long without her. Cheers and hope you get to rest and see your family soon. ~ Meg

11:16 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Hi Meg,

I love Stonecoast. Really I do. I've been part of it now for about six years. I came in just after Mr. Lehane exited - in 2005. The program has changed a lot since then. You'll hear differing opinions on the virtues of that, but I'm loving it. I particularly feel like I've found a home in terms of being able to talk seriously about writing in every way AND to include genre fiction in that discussion right along with things more overtly "literary". It's a combination that really works for me, and I hope I'm part of it for a long time.

You know, I've always kinda like Weimaraners. This guy, though is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Similar in some ways, but a bit stouter. And if you were looking at his back you'd see the very distinctive backwards ridge of hair running up his spine.


11:35 PM  

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