Friday, May 07, 2010

i Idren

I had the great pleasure last night of seeing my wife and some good friends perform as a band for the first time. The group is called i Idren. It's the brainchild of Gerry "JahGerry" LeBlanc. He put together a group of local, Hilltown Western Massachusetts talent to sing reggae "slanted" tunes. There's a lot of talent in the group, but under Gerry's direction they've come together rather quickly, already performing and getting invited to area festivals. They do a combination of original and classic tunes. Good fun.

This first performance was at the Esselon Cafe in Hadley, MA. It was outside in a lovely garden area, with lots of stonework and lounging space. Great attendance, food and drink. Lots of kids running around barefoot. It was a gusty, beautiful evening, and the band sounded great. It was a happening.

Wanna hear what they sound like? There are several tunes on their website, but I'll offer a few of my favorites here:

Hilltown Rasta

Rudy Rude



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