Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Link Re: The Pen/Faulkner Gala

Hey. I was in The Washington Post today! That's always nice.

I'm glad to say I've been there before, through reviews of all my books, and because I've written reviews for them on several occasions. That said, I have my fears that I'll be appearing in their pages somewhat less in the years to come, if only because writers and novels don't have nearly the space there that they used to. Like so many papers, they've had to cut their stand-alone book section from the Sunday edition. I don't live in the DC area anymore, but I grew up there. I have to say it still seems impossible to imagine the Sunday Post without Book World in it. It was always the first part of the paper I read!

Anyway, Ron Charles was on hand for the Pen/Faulkner Gala, and he wrote this short piece. I'm glad to say I get a mention! It's HERE.

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Anonymous Josiah said...

Course you do.

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