Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lev Grossman

I heard this interview with Lev Grossman on NPR a while back. Ever since, I've been unsure if he actually said as many cool things as I thought I heard him say. So I gave the piece a try again...

Yep, he said the things I thought he'd said. WTF? Another "literary" writer fessing up to a love of fantasy? And writing it even!?

I haven't read The Magicians: A Novel, but it's definitely on my list now. Anyway, if you didn't hear this before have a listen...

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Anonymous David Campos said...

Absolutely wild that they do book reviews on NPR, I love their summer series of books I'm ashamed to love by famous authors. Hope you're enjoying yourself away from the Fresno heat!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

this was a really good book. It's so much darker than most books of its type, yet definitely not gritty in the way GRRM or Richard Morgan's books are.

11:55 PM  

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