Saturday, August 08, 2009

Two Days Down, Now the Crunch

Hello. Up early on Saturday morning. Today is the crunch day in terms of panels and events at Worldcon. I'm booked up the entire day. I wish I found this stuff more relaxing. Instead, I tend to worry about each panel that I'm on, trying to figure out what words of wisdom I'll have, wondering the whole time why they picked me for it. It's silly, I know. Truth is, I'm usually pleasantly surprised at how disorganized and casual most panels are, how off topic, how rambling... Guess that's what I should aim for!

I did have my Neil Gaiman panel yesterday. Done. Anyone that attended now knows how much of a Gaiman fan I am. Proudly. Met Nalo Hopkinson for the first time in person - although I felt like I already knew her. Lots of short conversations with great people, all of whom are being pulled this way and that in this crazy web of events and obligations. Also had the Wild Cards dinner with George and the gang yesterday. Very nice. Fun group of people. Lots of laughs.

About the only thing I haven't done too much this time is party. I've got the family with me, and the late night scene has yet to feel quite right when I know my wife and kids are here but I haven't seen them all day. Maybe tonight. GRRM's fan club is throwing a party tonight. I've been to one of these before, and I know they host with enthusiasm...

Off con... Randolph Carter at Grinding To Valhalla has put up an interview I did with them. They're a gaming-focused website, but they also do author interviews and have many aspiring authors among their ranks. I was glad to take part. You can see it Here.

Okay. Gotta run. Long day ahead, though I'm sure it will also pass in a blur.

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Blogger Kate Elliott said...

Have fun.

I feel the same way about panels.


2:01 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Thanks, Alis. The crunch is past now. It went well, I think. Now I just have to get through today wondering about the verdict for the Campbell Award...

8:10 AM  

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