Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anticipation Schedule!

I know I never really did a post on Readercon. That's because right after it I was off an away to Maine for the Stonecoast MFA residency, and that's rather intensive. It's all a bit of a blur, really. I just got back yesterday and I'm trying to normalize now, catching up on lots of stuff. One thing that happened over the weekend pertains to the next conference on my schedule, so I'll just slide right into that...

So I now know what I'll officially be doing at Worldcon next month in Montreal (aka Anticipation). It's a fair bit of programming, actually, and includes some cool nuggets that make perfect sense and some other slots that make me look at the screen cross-eyed. So be it. I'm happy to play. My Anticipation Schedule (as of 7/18/09):

Title: Elizabeth Bear and David Anthony Durham: First Novels
When: Thu 16:30
Location: P-513B
Session ID: 773
Participants: David Anthony Durham, Elizabeth Bear
Description: Elizabeth Bear and David Anthony Durham interview each
other about how they work and how they got their first book(s)
Title: The Fiction of Neil Gaiman
When: Fri 14:00
Location: P-516AB
Session ID: 533
Participants: Bruce Lindsley Rockwood, David Anthony Durham, kyle
cassidy, Paul Kincaid, Lily Faure
Description: A look at our Guest of Honour's work in novels and short

Title: Author Reading
When: Fri 17:00
Location: P-521A
Session ID: 220
Participants: David Anthony Durham, Janice Cullum Hodghead,
Shariann Lewitt
Description: Janice Callum Hodghead; David Anthony Durham; Nina

Title: David Anthony Durham Signing
When: Sat 10:00
Location: P-Autographs
Session ID: 1310
Participants: Ellen Datlow, Cory Doctorow, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Felix Gilman and Robert Silverberg

Title: We are the Knights Who Say f***!
When: Sat 12:30
Location: P-518A
Session ID: 627
Participants: David Anthony Durham, Guy Gavriel Kay (Moderator), Marc
, Pat Rothfuss
Description: Diction in fantasy used to be pretty formal, and,
indeed, this can be a problem for the contemporary reader in getting
on with The Lord of the Rings. But more recent epic fantasies have had
their characters speaking more demotic language (and with a fair bit
of Anglo-Saxon thrown in). What are the costs of doing this? Does it
really make things easier for readers?
Duration: 1:30 hrs:min

Title: Writing the Other and Other Assumptions
When: Sat 14:00
Location: P-511A
Session ID: 554
Participants: David Anthony Durham, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Kate
Nepveu, Wendy Gay Pearson, Jamie Nesbitt Golden
Description: Do discussions of Writing the Other reinforce the power
dynamics of a genre structured by racial hierarchies? Is the
assumption that the Other is "of colour" coded into all our

Title: David Anthony Durham Kaffeeklatsch
When: Sat 15:30
Location: P-521B
Session ID: 1085
Participants: David Anthony Durham
Description: A chance to ask one of your favourite authors those
burning questions.

Title: Getting It Right: Warfare and History
When: Sat 19:00
Location: P-512CG
Session ID: 718
Participants: David Anthony Durham, Dawn Hewitt, L. E. Modesitt,
Jr., Mike Resnick (Moderator)
Description: Panelists discuss military history around the world and
how to get it right in your work, whether you're writing fantasy,
science fiction or alternate history.

Title: Hugo Awards Reception
When: Sun 18:00
Location: P-710A
Session ID: 10
Participants: Neil Gaiman, Elisabeth Vonarburg, Taral Wayne, Tom
Doherty, Julie E. Czerneda, Alan F. Beck, Aliette de Bodard, Ann
VanderMeer, Beth Meacham, Bill Willingham, Cheryl Morgan, Christopher
J. Garcia, Cory Doctorow, Darlene Marshall, Dave Howell, David Anthony
Durham, David Hartwell, Elizabeth Bear, Ellen Datlow, Emma Hawkes,
Farah Mendlesohn, Gord Sellar, Gordon Van Gelder, Guy H. Lillian III,
Jay Lake, John Helfers, John Kessel, Jonathan Strahan, Karl Schroeder,
Kathryn Cramer, Kevin J. Maroney, Kij Johnson, Lillian Stewart Carl,
Lou Anders, Mary Robinette Kowal, Mike Resnick, Nancy Kress, Neil
Clarke, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Paul Cornell, Paul Kincaid, Rev. Randy
Smith, Sean Wallace, Stephen H. Segal, Yves Meynard, Steve Green,
Steven H Silver, Sue Mason, Tony Pi, Claude Lalumière, Mike Glyer,
John Hertz, John Scalzi, Stanley Schmidt, Charles Stross, John
Picacio, Frank Wu, Sheila Williams, Felix Gilman, Ginjer Buchanan,
LeAmber Kinsley, Paolo Bacigalupi, Pia Guerra, Tobias Buckell

Title: Cultural Memory, Societal Resilience and Change
When: Mon 12:30
Location: P-512BF
Session ID: 910
Participants: Blind Lemming Chiffon, David Anthony Durham, Geoff
(Moderator), Lancer Kind
Description: How important is cultural memory? Does it support or
hinder social change? Does it matter whether it is given up
voluntarily or taken away by force?

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Blogger Meghan said...

That looks like a busy but fun schedule. Too bad I won't be in Montreal for it. :(

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonna need another moderator for your 7:00 PM Saturday panel. I had a dinner appointment and begged off.

Mike Resnick

10:39 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...


Oh... Bummer.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Kate Nepveu said...

I feel that I should apologize for suggesting you as moderator of "Writing the Other," since the original moderator from the preliminary schedule is no longer on the panel and one hadn't been named in their place.

But I enjoyed meeting you at Readercon and look forward to seeing you there, assuming you aren't too annoyed with me. =>

9:53 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...


Am I the moderator? If so, I haven't heard that yet. I think you'd make a great moderator yourself, by the way.

In any event, see you soon!

10:04 AM  
Blogger Kate Nepveu said...

I was told the change was made. Don't know when another round of change e-mails will be going out.

(And have pity on me, I'm moderating three of my seven panels, one of which is _also_ about race!)

10:58 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Okay, Kate. No pity, but... sympathy, yes. Glad to hear you'll be so busy!

And, hey, the good thing about moderating (the way I do it, at least) is that I get to ask questions instead of try to answer them. Phew... I actually much prefer that arrangement. So thanks for putting my name forward on this one.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Paul Kincaid said...

And I've had to cry off the Neil Gaiman panel. But there are enough good people on there, I don't think you'll miss me.

11:27 AM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...


Oh no! You're abandoning us? Sir, you will be missed.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Awesome. I just found out I'm going to be at Worldcon--doing a reading, on two panels, and talking to pubs about the project you and I have discussed (he said mysteriously :) ). Nowhere close to your crazy schedule, of course, but hopefully we'll be able to say hello at some point.

8:18 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Cool. See you there.

1:26 PM  

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